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Love, mutuality and resources for internationalism!

Before coronavirus and now during it, my commitment to love, mutuality, and resources for internationalism is what anchors me again and again. It grounds me in my friendships and family ties that are far away; it connects me to my ancestors' and family's migrations and life in diaspora; it expands my view to see the structural inequity within the U.S, at its ever extending borders, and globally; and it gets me to the (virtual) office every day ready to tackle an email inbox or a budget because NISGUA is a living embodiment of my commitment and I am proud to be a part of it.

NISGUA's work has oriented me on many confusing days. I listen to the words of Indigenous and campesino leaders who name that it has been 500 years of pandemic, and this latest one exposes the pandemics of colonization and capitalism. I ground in our network's capacity to hold deep and mutual relationships across physical distance and in our belief that solidarity shows us the way forward. In a time when communities are reeling from impact, I have the opportunity to take action as directed and guided by social movements in Guatemala.

I feel buoyed by NISGUA's skill and ability to pivot in a crisis.

  • In the face of unprecedented conditions, staff seized the moment to amplify the voices of those most affected, as in our "Ancestral Movements: Indigenous Territory & Migration" webinar --seen by over 800 people!
  • We continue to move forward our most ambitious campaign yet -- organizing a coalition of 25+ Central American and U.S. organizations to stop the unjust Asylum Cooperation Agreements, also known as "safe third country agreements," with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The agreements give the U.S. power to deport asylum-seekers to the three Central American countries even if they are not from these countries. These appalling policies are a public health and human rights disaster, as the Trump administration violently continues the deportation of sick immigrants in need of dignifying care, and we are on our way to stopping these practices.
  • In partnerships with grassroots movement funders in the U.S.m, we will be expanding our small grant program to distribute 25K directly to Indigenous and Campesino communities and organizations impacted by COVID-19

As we face the extensive economic damage and collective trauma being felt worldwide, we know the impact on immigrant and Indigenous communities globally will be, and already is, grave. In Guatemala, we are seeing increased militarization and transnational corporations taking advantage of the crisis to advance extractive megaprojects. I know that the best way forward to is to remain steadfast and resilient in our commitment to stand alongside Guatemalan land and water protectors and genocide survivors who are under threat for their political work, to facilitate connections between our partners in Guatemala and movements in the U.S. who are similarly impacted by colonialism, to organize campaigns against unjust U.S. foreign policy and corporate violence in Central America, and to mobilize people for urgent actions if our partners are threatened or attacked.

By making a gift today, you'll ensure the sustainability of NISGUA's work to continue cultivating long-term, transnational relationships grounded in a shared vision for global change.This is a crucial moment and every dollar counts. Now through the end of May, all donations received up to $50,000 will be matched dollar for dollar!