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Together, we can show up for our Guatemalan partners and keep building our network of activists across borders

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Since I finished my stint as an accompanier in Guatemala last July, I have felt lucky and grounded to stay involved with NISGUA. Their work in solidarity with land defenders and genocide survivors, led by a commitment to deep, long-term transnational relationships, is really important to me. Please consider donating during this crucial moment -- every dollar counts. Between May 15 and May 31, 2020, all donations received up to $50,000 will be matched dollar for dollar!

I'm especially grateful for the way that NISGUA has met the moment of the COVID-19 pandemic. From adapting their in-person tour to a webinar about Indigenous territory and migration that reached almost 900 people virtually, to creating a fully remote accompaniment protocol that keeps them connected, alert, and in real time with their partners, they have found new ways to live out their commitment to transnational connection.

COVID-19 has revealed even more starkly how much we need each other. In the absence of adequate state responses, social movements are feeding, connecting, and mobilizing people. NISGUA's relationship-based organizing draws on the principles of interdependence, racial justice, and centering those most impacted by colonialism and capitalism -- commitments that we will need to ground in in order to move through this moment.

Those of you who know me know that I have been deeply changed by the time I spent walking with land defenders, Indigenous women's collectives, and genocide survivors in Guatemala. The lessons I learned about broad-based organizing, cultural resilience, the interconnectedness of struggles, and Maya Indigenous cosmovisions continue to inform the farthest reaches of my radical imagination. Being an accompanier was one transformative way to plug into NISGUA's work -- right now I want to offer you another. NISGUA runs mostly on grassroots fundraising, and the dollars you contribute literally make their work possible. I invite you to become part of NISGUA's growing network by making a donation today.

love & solidarity,


Here is a snapshot of what else NISGUA is up to with its programs:

  • Campaign against the “safe third country agreements” - a coalition of more than 30 organizations from Central America and the U.S. to demand the defunding of and more information about these inhumane and illegal agreements. While the agreements appear to be “halted” in the name of the crisis, they could restart at any time. Our petition has been signed by almost 600 people and will be delivered to congressional offices this summer.
  • Campaign to close the Escobal mine: We organize with the Xinka Parliament, CODIDENA, and other North American solidarity organizations to close the Escobal mine on Xinka territory. Our Guatemalan partners have informed us that Pan American Silver, the mine owner, has taken advantage of the crisis by providing food and basic materials to poor community members in exchange for their identification information and signatures, which could be used to falsify community support for the mine. Check out recent developments here.
  • Commitment to accountability and justice for crimes of the past: Starting in early May, the Guatemalan judicial system began hearing trials again. Through remote accompaniment, promotion of materials sent to us by our partners, and sharing of live recordings of hearings from progressive journalists, we stay present with survivors and family members of victims of the Guatemalan genocide. Some important cases are coming up, and at the same time, currently incarcerated perpetrators are requesting release, based in the health crisis.