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Global solidarity for justice!

Doubling our impact for human rights and environmental protection!

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Thank you for visiting my Solidarity Campaign page! I worked on NISGUA staff for 8 years and am an ongoing contributor to the organization. NISGUA has spent decades supporting genocide survivors (including my husband Edwin) who dared to bring former dictators to trial – and who even won a conviction!

NISGUA supports Guatemalan land protectors and human rights defenders who are under threat for their political work. We use physical accompaniment to dissuade violence, facilitate connections between our partners in Guatemala and folks in the U.S., organize campaigns around U.S. immigration policy, and mobilize people for urgent actions if our partners are threatened or attacked. NISGUA cultivates long-term, transnational relationships built on mutual solidarity and a shared vision of global change.

By donating today, you ensure NISGUA's work for social and environmental justice. Thanks to generous matching donors, between May 15 and May 31, 2020, your gift will be doubled!