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What has been happening in the world is scary, it’s overwhelming, and it is far from over. In this world of uncertainties, one of the few things that I am sure of is that NISGUA’s work is more important now than ever. Over the last few months we have seen as governments all over the world, including the Guatemalan government, have taken advantage of the sanitary crisis to increase militarization, decrease the ability of human rights defenders to continue their work by criminalizing and threatening them, while pushing to keep extractive industries and big export factories up and running. We have seen as the prioritization of the capitalist system continues to leave behind communities and their needs and we know that “those who are systematically oppressed by racism, xenophobia, transphobia, and classism will be the most impacted by this crisis”.

When I was an accompanier in Guatemala from 2016-2017, I saw firsthand the effects of state sanctioned violence, violence supported by the US government as much as the Guatemalan government. I saw firsthand effects of the militarization of communities, and felt the anger around the ongoing, what felt like constant, impunity. But it was contrasted by so so many moments of hope. I saw first hand everyday what community strength looked like. I was reminded of the power of the grassroots organizing and inspired by activists and human rights defenders who stood up everyday for what they believed in. And I saw the impact that the presence of NISGUA had on our Guatemalan partners, and when I came home have since been witness time and time again of the impact of the work that our Guatemalan partners do in fighting for justice on social moments in the US.

I fear that as we move out of the current sanitary crisis, we will move straight into an authoritarian crisis. Right now more than ever we need grassroot organizations like NISGUA to keep up their great work. We need organizations like NISGUA that connect the dots with US imperialism and authoritarian governments in Central America (look at NISGUAs great campaign No Safe Third Country). We need organizations like NISGUA that show what real people power looks like, connecting social moments in the US to social moments in Guatemala fighting for mutual liberation.

That is why I am asking you to join me in supporting NISGUA today. By making a gift today, you'll ensure the sustainability of NISGUA's work so that we can continue cultivating long-term, transnational relationships grounded in a shared vision for global change. This is a crucial moment and every dollar counts. Between May 15 and May 31, 2020, all donations received up to $50,000 will be matched dollar for dollar!