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Put my miles to work during May 15-31

$1,885 towards $5,000

Dear Friends and Family,

This year for the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala's May Match fundraising campaign (donations matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000), I'm dedicating 500 miles of bicycling* from March 15-31 to raise $5,000. Click above to donate or here to make a pledge, and read on for updates. (*I'll only include personal or training rides towards this goal, not accredited event rides.)

Today I biked home from Olympia to Seattle, WA in 90+ miles of almost constant rain. Did I say biked? Make that *swam* home (check out that post-ride weather report). I'm rounding that up to $100 and making the first donation towards my goal of $5000. Will you join me in pledging or donating as I continue to ride for NISGUA through May 31?

Post-ride weather report

Many of you may already know that while I've ridden bikes for my whole life, I've recently started training for long distance endurance rides, my longest so far being 300km (188mi) in 14 hours. It's been an extremely positive practice for my mental health especially, improving my mood and focus more the more I ride.

While I pedaled through the unrelentingly rainy south Puget Sound today, I thought back over the last year, mentally composing this letter. It's been an exciting time to be part of NISGUA since our last May Match campaign in 2021.

This spring, we reopened the Guatemala City office, and staff and volunteers are in place. We have continued remote as well as in-person accompaniment of processes including the Diario Militar case. We've hosted a congressional delegation including members of the Squad, who visited Indigenous Xinca territories affected by the Escobal silver mine.

We're welcoming new staff and board members: Digital Organizer Berta, U.S. Partnerships Coordinator Frank; board members Roderico Díaz and Bridget Brehen; and associate board members Silvia Raquec and Jillian Leslie. And finally, we're saying our despedidas to staff member Claire Bransky and thanking them for the leadership and care they have brought to their commitments to NISGUA.

I hope that you are as excited as I am to be connected with NISGUA right now. Please join me in supporting our May Match campaign by making a donation now or pledging to match my rides by the kilometer, mile, or hour! Thank you as always for your support.

In solidarity,

Phil Neff

"Soup": an accurate description of the riding conditions today!