Claire Bransky
Claire Bransky's Fundraiser

Join Team Bransky-Parks supporting NISGUA for the long-haul!

NISGUA has been a part of our family for five years and we deeply believe in its work.

$680 towards $5,000

Network in Solidarity with People in Guatemala (NISGUA) accompanies Guatemalan land defenders and genocide survivors whose lives are threatened. We need your support.

By making a gift today you will fund our safe return to in-person work in Guatemala in the shifting pandemic reality. You will sustain accompaniment of Indigenous Maya genocide survivors as they seek justice. And you will ensure that NISGUA can continue sharing information about what is happening on the ground in Guatemala.

Now is the time to give. Between May 15th and May 31st, all donations up to $50K will be matched dollar for dollar by a small group of generous donors. Together, we can raise $100K!

Since Claire became an accompanier in 2017, our family has been inspired by NISGUA's long-term work for justice in Guatemala. On our visit to Guatemala, Barb and Aaron were particularly moved by the story of Marco Antonio Molina Theissen, a 14-year-old boy who was disappeared by the Guatemalan state in 1981. We hope you'll join our family in helping survivors of state supported violence in their search for justice by contributing to NISGUA's work in Guatemala.

We thank you for your generosity,

Aaron, Barb, Joel, and Claire

What does NISGUA do?

Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) accompanies Guatemalan water protectors and genocide survivors who are under threat for their political work. We use accompaniment to dissuade violence, we connect partners in Guatemala with folks in the U.S. who are similarly impacted by colonialism, we organize campaigns against the U.S.'s unjust foreign policy and corporate violence in Central America, and we mobilize people for urgent action if our partners are threatened or attacked.